What a sight when you enter the pits and see the haulers all in a row with nothing but the best dirt racing machines on jackstands being prepared for the night. When a touring series such as the World of Outlaws want to come to Wayne County Speedway and put on a tremendous show confirms dirt track racing is alive and well at our home track. A bit cool, but a great night for a race!

Someone told me the heats were uneventful but when fast cars start up front I guess you'll have that however Ive seen far worse than this. Above Chub Frank, Shane Clanton, and Donnie Moran power thru turn two for position.
<---- Frank nips Moyer for the heat win
Below Bart Hartman challenges Rick Eckert before falling off to a disappointing finish. Eckert handily won the heat while Hartman missed the show . If you thought the action up front was thin well further back there was action aplenty either for the transfer, against a rival, or just for the thrill of racing.

Once Hartman was out of the way, Eckert had his hands full with Duncan.
Below features B Main action, Dale McDowell and Eddie Carrier made the transfer while
the # 58 of Garrett Durett landed the final transfer over Eric Myers. Doug Drown, Jason
Flory, and Mark Gardiner were hard chargers who fell short on an all star night of racing.
Bart raced every car on the track Saturday night adding a lot of excitement to the program, Thomas Baker and Rick bond take turns running with this pro. Also Brad Malcuit and Mark Banal battle through the corner and George Lee races Bond with hopes of advancing into the main event. Any one of these competitors could have made the main event with just a little luck, they make every Saturday night at Wayne County exciting.